having a break

since the Factory was evicted we’ve had nowhere to do the people’s kitchen so are taking a break for a while. Hopefully it will return in spring. see you then xx





People’s kitchen happening as usual this week

Dale Farm fundraiser

All the money donated for food this week went to Dale Farm. There were also cakes and mulled cider for sale, which altogether raised £170. Thanks to everyone involved, and everyone who gave something.

News from the Factory

A company called the PG Group wants to develop our building. We don’t want to be moved on and we don’t want this building to be developed, and we are asking for support.

There’s info here: http://bristol.indymedia.org/article/705915

We’re going to use People’s Kitchen on Tuesday the 18th to talk more about the situation and what we can do about it, and show some films.

The peoples kitchen has been happening every week since this was last updated. We’re just better at cooking than updating a blog! This week there was Thai green curry, mash, rice and salad, followed by apple crumble (inc. a wheat and sugar-free version). Yum!

cancelled again!

the people’s kitchen had to be cancelled this week, because there just weren’t enough people around to make it happen. Should all be happening as usual next week hopefully. It looks like being really quiet on the 30th september as well, so it would be great if people can get in touch if they want to get involved that week.

Dale Farm event

Some No Borders crew cooked today for the Dale Farm event this evening. Thanks to their publicity it was a really busy week, we pretty much ran out of food. Had to be a few small portions towards the end.  There’ll be another No Borders event in a couple of weeks, details soon.

We also got a new source of vegetables this week, Leigh Court farm are happy to let us have their waste food, so we’ll be a lot more organic and local from now on. Massive thanks to them for that.